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Natural gas is one of the most commonly used fules in the U.S. It is efficient, abundant and the cleanest of all the fossil fuels.

About Natural Gas

Natural gas was discovered many centuries ago in Greece, Persia and India. The ancients were intrigued by burning springs created when natural gas seeped from the ground and was ignited by lightning. Temples were often built around these "eternal flames."

Today, natural gas service is delivered to more than 70 million American homes and businesses through a 2.4-million-mile pipeline network. Gas service is available in all 50 states. Learn more.

Coloring Pages

Natural gas my be colorless, but that doesn't mean you have to be! Download these coloring pages and spread the message about natural gas safety.

Gary Gas Meter says: Call 811 before digging in the yard!
Randy Range says: Only moms and dads should touch the buttons on your stove.
Wanda Water Heater says: If you smell gas, tell your mom and dad right away!
Happy Holidays from Atmos Energy


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