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Lead Director

Richard K. Gordon

Following the Company's annual meeting of shareholders in February 2016, our independent directors selected Mr. Gordon as Lead Director. In that role, Mr. Gordon is responsible for (i) acting as the liaison between the Chairman and our independent directors regarding business, management or other issues; (ii) presiding at meetings in executive session of independent or non-management directors; (iii) assisting with the development and approval of all board meeting agendas; and (iv) performing the other Lead Director duties set forth in the Company's Corporate Governance Guidelines.

The independent members of our Board of Directors have chosen Mr. Gordon as Lead Director primarily because of his corporate governance leadership experience as chair of the human resources committee of the Board of Directors, along with his experience gained on the boards of public companies, in addition to Atmos Energy, including Exostat Medical, Inc. and Resuscitation International, LLC. In selecting Mr. Gordon as Lead Director, the independent directors also considered Mr. Gordon's extensive business experience in investment banking and the energy industry, as well as his in-depth leadership experience. Mr. Gordon gained this experience while serving in leadership roles for several large financial services firms throughout his career, including Merrill Lynch & Co., Dillon, Read & Co., and The First Boston Corporation, along with managing various portfolios in several private equity funds.

You may contact the Lead Director, Richard K. Gordon, as follows:
1. By e-mail at the following e-mail address:
You will receive a prompt response when your e-mail is received.

2. By regular mail at the following mailing address:
Board of Directors
Atmos Energy Corporation
P. O. Box 650205
Dallas, TX 75265-0205

However, if you wish to instead contact the Lead Director, Mr. Gordon, or the independent or nonmanagement members of the Board of Directors on an anonymous and confidential basis, you may do so by calling the Company's Compliance Hotline at 1-866-543-4065 or accessing the Company's Compliance Reporting Website over the Internet at: https://www.compliance-helpline.com/welcomeAtmosEnergy.jsp.