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Understanding Your Atmos Energy Bill

Your natural gas bill has the following three main parts:

  • Gas costs
  • Delivery Costs
  • Taxes

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The illustration below shows the details on a sample bill.

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  1. USAGE IN CCF:: This is how many hundreds of cubic feet of natural gas you've used this month.

  2. CUSTOMER CHARGE: This charge covers a portion of the gas company’s fixed costs that it incurs to serve each customer. Some bills may read FIXED DELIVERY CHARGE or FACILITY CHARGE.

  3. WNA: A seasonal adjustment to the bill to correct for colder or warmer than normal weather.

  4. CONSUMPTION CHARGE: This charge covers any remaining fixed costs and the company's variable costs incurred to serve customers, and is multiplied times your usage. Some bills may read COMMODITY CHARGE/COST, DISTRIBUTION CHARGE or DELIVERY CHARGE.

  5. GAS COST RECOVERY (GCR): This charge recovers the actual gas cost paid to suppliers and the transportation charges paid to deliver gas to the company's distribution system. There is no profit added to the gas cost. This amount is multiplied times your usage. Some bills may read PURCHASED GAS ADJUSTMENT (PA) or GAS COST.

  6. SURCHARGE/INFASTRUCTURE REPLACEMENT: This charge is authorized by the regulatory authorities to recover special expenses, such as rate case expenses and/or replacement of service lines to provide continued safe and reliable service. Some bills may read RIDER SUR and/or RIDER IR.

  7. FRANCHISE FEE: This is a fee that is levied by local municipalities. The company collects and passes this fee on to the cities. It varies from city to city and is not regulated by the state regulatory bodies/agencies/commissions. Some bills may read RIDER FF.

  8. TAX and OTHER CHARGES: This includes any sales tax assessed by your city or state, and any contribution you have made to an energy assistance program.

  9. ESTIMATED BILL: If the word "Estimated" appears next to your latest meter reading (shown under usage information) your usage for this period was estimated based on your prior usage history. During the next cycle your meter will be read and, if necessary, a billing adjustment will be made to reflect actual usage.

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