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Natural Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way

Atmos Energy's top priority is maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas system. We monitor, inspect, maintain and repair thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines every year. It is important that we keep a clear, unobstructed right-of-way to:

  • Access and inspect our pipelines for routine or emergency maintenance
  • Maintain unobstructed views of the right-of-way for aerial patrol and surveying
  • Prevent tree root and other damage to pipeline coating
What is a Right-of-Way?

A right-of-way is a legal right, established by usage or grant, to pass through or use the property of another person. Many of Atmos Energy's right-of-ways are established by a written document called an easement.

What to Expect

We recognize some of Atmos Energy's projects may directly affect individual property owners. Our goal is to minimize the impact on your land. We value the communities we serve and always strive to treat property owners with courtesy and respect.

Atmos Energy is available to answer questions you may have regarding the projects that affect your land, including: scope of the project, location of the project, right-of-way documentation, if requested.

Additional Resources

ROW Brochure (.pdf)