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Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is comfortable energy. It heats your water faster and keeps your home warmer, plus you'll cook like a professional chef on a natural gas range. It's also the most efficient and safest traditional energy source.

Watch our video to learn how natural gas is the clean and efficient energy choice and explore our virtual home to discover the many possibilities for natural gas in your home.

Energy-Saving Tools and Tips

Learn how to save energy, lower your utility bills and discover your home's impact on the environment with our convenient energy management tools.

Natural Living Magazine

Discover how modern and efficient natural gas keeps your family comfortable and helps you save money. Natural Living is published twice annually by Energy Solutions Center.

Natural Gas Vehicles (or NGV)

Did you know that natural gas can also fuel your car? NGV's are popular with many businesses because of lower fuel costs and emissions. NGV's are available in light duty cars and trucks.

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