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Wireless Meter Reading

Atmos Energy continually seeks to improve our natural gas system and your customer service experience. In an effort to enhance efficiency and provide better energy management tools for you, we are installing wireless meter-reading technology on natural gas meters in parts of our service territory.

The wireless meter-reading device is simply a radio transmitter mounted directly to an existing natural gas meter that automatically sends your usage information to Atmos Energy. In some cases, an existing gas meter may not be compatible with the wireless meter-reading device, so a new meter may be installed.

Customers will not have their service interrupted during the installation process. The procedure is quick and easy, and in most cases, does not require the technician to enter the home or business.

Notice to Customers:

The Wireless Meter Reading program is a phased program starting in parts of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee & Colorado and then expanding to other parts of the Atmos Energy service territory in future years. We thank you for your cooperation.