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Wireless Meter Reading

What is a Wireless Meter Reading Device?
A wireless meter reading device is a radio transmitter mounted directly to an existing gas meter. It allows Atmos Energy to reduce the meter reading traffic in your neighborhood by transmitting your meter reading directly to Atmos Energy. Wireless meter reading devices are safe, convenient and reliable. There is no charge for installation and it does not affect your natural gas service.

What are the benefits of Wireless Meter Reading?
The wireless meter reading reduces the number of bills that are estimated and offers increased accuracy since manual data entry will be eliminated. It also allows Atmos Energy to reduce the meter reading traffic in your neighborhood.

Will the transmitter interfere with my television, phone or computer?
No. The system operates on a private FCC licensed frequency. Unlike devices that utilize public frequencies, the transmission will not interfere with the operation of televisions, radios, garage door openers, wireless internet connections or other electronic devices commonly found in a home or business

Will I need to be present when the wireless equipment is installed?
In most cases you will not need to be in attendance. Atmos Energy will need to have access to our meter to perform the work. If work could not be performed or completed, a door hanger will be left at your home or business. The door hanger will provide information on why the work could not be completed and a number to call for more details.

Is Wireless Meter Reading similar to Smart Meters?
No. The term Smart Meter is generally a reference to an electric meter that consists of new digital electricity measurement technology, a radio transmitter that sends out meter data and receives commands from the electric utility as well as the capability to be turned on or off remotely. These features are used by the electric utility to manage their electricity grid. However, wireless meter reading devices, used by Atmos Energy, are added to the existing natural gas meter that transmits the gas meter reading to the utility for billing. The gas measurement continues to be performed by the existing gas meter.

Are other gas utilities using Wireless Meter Reading on gas meters?
Yes. More than 500 natural gas companies in the United States are installing wireless meter reading to improve record keeping and customer service. Several Atmos Energy customers have already received wireless meter reading devices. Atmos Energy will continue to install wireless devices throughout our service territory in the future.